Making peace with your process towards detachment from the Dunya

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Often we attach ourselves and our ability to be happy to a desired outcome after we leaned heavily on the impermanent things, only to find ourselves disappointed when that outcome doesn’t happen. 

When people say you shouldn’t be attached to dunya, what does that make you think? Money, relationships, social status, jobs, fashion, property? Normally something tangible, something materialistic. But more often than not, we also often attach ourselves  to people. We rely on them to make us happy.

Many of us have experienced broken heartedness during our lives. We search for the real, perfect kind of love, the kind that we want. We are inspired to have our own version of a happy love story because we see them in most romantic movies and dramas. We wish that we could live happily ever after. However, we expect too much from these creations that the expectations become unrealistic and therefore we realise that the creations are actually just as fragile as we are. Nothing is perfect when it comes to the creations, but the Creator is the One Who is Most Perfect.

But, as much as we have to journey towards finding the real fulfilment and contentment through this process of detaching ourselves from the Dunya, it is not an easy task. This requires us to let go of so many things that have shaped the way we see the world, the way we seek for happiness. 

So how should one best work towards the process of detaching him or herself from Dunya? And how to make peace with it.

1.Empty your hearts from worldliness

To detach us from the dunya, we have make space for the love of Allah, and  to let Allah envelope us in His love. The Prophet ﷺ once said: ‘Detach yourself from the world and Allah will love you. Detach yourself from what people possess and people will love you.’

Thus, detaching our hearts from the dunya allows us to attach our hearts to Allah. This means, attaching them to His acceptance, to His good pleasure, to His love and, ultimately, to Him.

2. Be Zuhd

Zuhd is less about minimalism; doing with only a few material possessions, and more about the heart’s detachment from the material possessions. That is to say, one may own wealth, but should not be owned by wealth. It is said about the sahabah that they held wealth in their hands, but it didn’t enter their hearts.

Aal-Hassan al-Basri said “Az-Zuhd resides in the heart, and it can be achieved by ridding the heart of the slave from the love and the eagerness for this life. This way, the Dunya will be in one’s hand, not in his heart, where the love for Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and the Hereafter will and should reside.”

3. Make peace with where you are.  

It’s the first rule of successful manifesting. 

Before you try to create anything you want, make peace with not having it.

Detachment from to the dunya, as an Aeroplane. Just as an aeroplane needs the air and the wind to be able to fly, we humans need the dunya in order to survive, and sustain ourselves.

But once the air/wind enters the plane, even one tiny bit, this destroys it and leads to its destruction. Similarly, if the love of dunya enters our hearts, it will ultimately lead to our destruction.

Letting go of things we care about is difficult, especially if it’s not something that we wanted to happen, and it can hurt, but don’t let it affect the way you spend your time. Allah says so beautifully:

“By time, indeed man is in loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds, and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” [Qur’an: Chapter 103, Verses 1-3]

Lastly, remember this what Ali bin Abi Talib said “Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.” 

May we be in His guidance always!

“We ask Allah for a lasting faith, true certainty, and beneficial knowledge”

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