Befriending The Quran:

Nurturing A Practical Relationship With
The Quran

By Ayesha Syahira


10th May

11am - 1pm

Have you ever felt like you want to start reading and understanding the Qur'an,

In “Befriending The Quran: Nurturing A Practical Relationship With The Quran”, Sister Ayesha Syahira, will take us on an explorative journey of ‘befriending’ and embracing the Quran. “So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.” Qur’an 7:204

Why You Should Join This?

When we were little, Quran was something foreign to us. We were told to read it; we were made to memorise the surah in it. But we never felt connected to it.

As adults, we see that there are those who are connected to their Quran. We see how the aayat in the Quran comforted them and we begin to wonder, is it possible for us to feel that way too?

But when we try to read the Quran or attempt to understand the translations, we feel as though we are not doing it right.

We question ourselves, “Can I really recite it if my Tajweed isn’t perfect? Can I simply read the translations even if I have trouble understanding the context behind it? What am I supposed to do first, if I want to connect to the Quran?”

In Befriending The Quran: Nurturing a practical relationship with the Quran, Sister Ayesha Syahira, will take us on an explorative journey of ‘befriending’ and embracing the Quran.

Divided into 3 parts, the webinar will feature ways one can get closer to the Quran and provide practical steps on how to nurture a long-lasting relationship with the Quran.

Ayesha Syahira, an accountancy graduate but eventually found love in spreading dakwah and pursue her dreams to become the next Yasmin Mogahed Malaysia version.

She later received numerous invitations from universities and youth events to share her experience, her hijrah story to inspire more youngsters. Alongside, she continues to study devoted herself becoming a student of knowledge, she enrolled for diploma Islamic studies and currently in the midst of finishing her tajweed learning as she aims to teach tajweed and Quran recitation.

Her tagged Quran that she always carries around has always been the talk of the town. She is always being asked about her Quran that she later start her Quran tag workshop in 2017.The Quran tag was another major success for her, and she was offered for her own Quran Tag program in 2018 on Astro Oasis and Naura, ever since then, she was known as the #qurantaggirl.

It then brought to the publication of her first ‘baby’, her book titled “Being A Quran Tag Girl”. This will be her second book that continues to talk about building a relationship with our Creator, and it is titled, “Talk To Allah: Finding Comfort By Making Dua To Him”.

You just focus, we do the rest.

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What People Say:

"I just want to say that, this is my first ever webinar in my whole life, alhamdulillah. And I'am grateful that this webinar really give me a good impression about this webinar thing.
Fatini Nursyafiqah
"Thank you for organising this webinar, may Allah bless sis Ayesha for sharing her experiences and resources, and may He bless the IMAN team in abundance for your hardwork. JazakumuLlahu khayran jazaa'."
"Hope to have this webinar in the future again and keep improve. Yesterday technical prob actually i dont mind necause this is your first time. Hope this will not become a reason iman publication stop do webinar ✨"
Nur Najmah

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