5 Ways To Celebrate Ramadan With Kids

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Mommy and daddy, Ramadan’s coming real soon! Together with the kids all day throughout the month? We got your back, parents!

  1. Tell them, Ramadan is coming!

Children loves to learn, they are always eager to know why we do certain things, what’s going on. Tell them, every little details. When they know what is it all about, they can somehow prepare their mindset and look forward for it. Tell them in a casual fun way. You can do story-telling, games/quizzes or even sing-a-song! (Omar dan Hana series is a good one)


  1. Involve them in Ramadan Planning  

Ask them their suggestions on what to cook for iftar, let them join the process in the kitchen, ask what surahs to read during tarawih, share your Ramadan goals with them. Children love to be involved, to feel they belong and to be listen to. When they’re happy, everything is good.


3. Parents, it’s okay

But, of course there’ll certainly times when everything went south. They’ll have their ‘moments’. It’s okay, parents. It’s okay to read the Quran surrounded by toys. It’s okay to pray tarawih later than the usual time. It’s okay to listen to your favourite kuliah in between your crying baby. It’s okay. It’s the effort and progress that Allah will reward you for.

  1. Afraid of feeling tired? 

Whenever you feel exhausted in Ramadan, go and get some rest, calm yourself. Take turns to entertain the kids with your spouse. Make sure to communicate well with each other. Teamwork always makes the Ramadan better for the family. 

  1. Focus on what we can control. 

We try to prepare our best for Ramadan. Make our tilawah schedule, to zikr and read more, to learn from online courses more. But with the children with us, it could be a different schedule everyday, right? So, focus on what we are in control of and be redha and patient with what we can’t control. It’ll save so much energy and bring peace to the heart and mind. 

Ramadan Mubarak, parents. Have a fun barakah Ramadan with you lovely family!

Writter by;

Rahmah Razak,
Sales Manager at IMAN

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