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The Journey Begins Here

Passion and Purpose:

The Pathway to Success and Happiness

Aiman Azlan



Memburu Keampunan-Nya

Ustaz Azlan Shah

Jumaat | 15 May | 9.30 pm- 10.45 pm


Befriending The Quran:

Nurturing A Practical Relationship With The Quran

Ayesha Syahira

Sunday | 10th May | 11am-1pm

What People Say

"I just want to say that, this is my first ever webinar in my whole life, alhamdulillah. And I'am grateful that this webinar really give me a good impression about this webinar thing.
Fatini Nursyafiqah
"Thank you for organising this webinar, may Allah bless sis Ayesha for sharing her experiences and resources, and may He bless the IMAN team in abundance for your hardwork. JazakumuLlahu khayran jazaa'."
"Hope to have this webinar in the future again and keep improve. Yesterday technical prob actually i dont mind necause this is your first time. Hope this will not become a reason iman publication stop do webinar ✨"
Nur Najmah

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